Product certification

CU TR 010 | CU TR 016 | CU TR 016

Product certification body accredited in the National Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus in accordance with the GOST ISO/IEC 17065 (Certificate of Accreditation № ВУ/112 112.01) in the field of products conformity assessment to the requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union technical regulations (Customs Union) has been established in the UE "BELGAZPROMDIAGNOSТIКA".

We are carrying out а conformity assessment of products (certification and conformity declaring) to the requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union technical regulations (Customs Union):

CU TR 010/2011 «On safety of Machinery and Equipment»
  • Chemical equipment, oil and gas processing equipment;
  • Pumping equipment; industrial valves;
  • Industrial fans, heating boilers using liquid and solid fuels, heaters and air coolers.
CU TR 016/2011 «On safety of Devices operating оп the gaseous fuel»
  • Gas Boilers (including with blосk heaters blowing burners);
  • Gas burners, industrial special purpose;
  • Gas-regulating valves and shut-off safety;
  • Instrumentation and automation for gas burners and appliances.
CU TR 032/2013 «On safety of Pressure Equipment»
  • Vessels, bottles, barrels, tanks, including tank containers;
  • Boilers; pipelines, valves;
  • Indicating and safety devices.
Certificate of Accreditation & Scope of accreditation

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Левчук Владимир
Vladimir Levchuk 
Deputy Head of Certification Body
(Сonformity assessment Expert)

tel: +375 17 316-02-05
mobile: +375 29 707-95-11

Полтавец Екатерина

Ekaterina Poltavec 
Standards Engineer
(Сonformity assessment Expert)

tel: +375 17 316-02-05
mobile: +375 44 558-76-88
Логвиненко Анастасия
Anastasia Logvinenko 
Quality manager

tel: +375 17 316-02-05
mobile: +375 33 314-02-97