RBI (risk based inspection) management

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) is an Optimal maintenance business process used to examine equipment such as pressure vessels, heat exchangers and piping in industrial plants. Assessed risk levels are used to develop a prioritized inspection plan.

Inspections typically employ non-destructive testing (NDT).

Main idea of RBI:

Items with high probability and high consequence (i.e. high risk) are given a higher priority for inspection than items that are high probability but for which failure has low consequences. This strategy allows for a rational investment of inspection resources.

In the sphere of risk management, we offer the following services to our Clients:

  • analysis of enterprise management systems, planning and design of creating a risk management system;
  • implementation of the risk management system in accordance with the series of standards ISO 31000;
  • training for Senior Management and Implementation Team;
  • advisory assistance of implementation the series of standards ISO 31000.

Industrial safety of hazardous production facilities determined by the reliability and safety of technical devices.

In this regard, we offer our Clients: inspection and technical diagnosis of the equipment manufacture, non-destructive testing, risk based inspection management (RBI).


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