Laboratory of Non-Destructive Testing

Our Laboratory of Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics perform diagnostics of the following equipment:

  • equipment working under pressure (steam boilers with  steam pressure not exceeding 3.9 MPa, hot water boilers with heat producing capability not more than 50 MW; vessels  of 1-4 groups; steam pipelines and hot water pipelines II-III categories);
  • equipment used in the chemical, petrochemical, oil refining industries where dangerous substances  are obtained, used, processed, produced, stored, destroyed: compressed and liquefied explosive gases, explosive gases, oxidizer gases, flammable liquids with a flash temperature up to 610С in a closed crucible; oxidizing agents; toxic substances; high-toxic substances (steel tanks for the storage of fire and explosion dangerous products,  apparatus of technological processes of chemical production operating under  pressure below 0.07 MPa (different types of reactors, heat exchangers of various types); linear, safety and drainage receivers; intermediate vessels, condensers and evaporators, oil separators and oil collectors, liquid separators, elements of technological pipelines);
  • pipelines (linear part (pipelines with looping); transfer pumping stations, pumping stations (technical piping; equipment working under pressure, storage plants); compressor stations for natural gas compressing (technological pipelines; equipment working under pressure; vessels working under pressure); gas-distributing stations (technological pipelines, vessels working under pressure); NGV- refuelling compressor station (technological pipelines; vessels working under pressure).

The laboratory is accredited in accordance with requirements of ISO / IEC 17025.

Accreditation Certificate BY / 112 dtd. 14.06.2004.

All specialists of our laboratory are Level II and III certified according to ISO 9712.

Engineers of our company will:
  • carry out full monitoring of your equipment
  • determine the residual operating life of the equipment
  • develop complete procedures for technical diagnostics using different methods
  • draw up a testing plan of equipment depending on the objects’ status
  • hold  concept development of non-destructive testing at production site.

By working with us, you will realize the advantages of our approach in solving technical issues and find a reliable partner for co-operation.

Based on the obtained results we help our clients carry out installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment operating at production facilities.

Diagnostic techniques and equipment

We specialize in Advanced NDT methods like ToFD and Phased Array. However, our engineers are certified and have experience in many traditional methods of non-destructive testing like eddy-current, positive material identification (PMI), traditional ultrasonic testing and ultrasonic thickness measurements, magnetic particle testing, radiographic testing, liquid penetrant testing, ferrite number measurement, and many others.

Using of non-destructive testing can solve the  following tasks:

  • Quality control of welded joints
  • Determination of geometrical deviations
  • Leakage monitoring
  • Measurement of residual strength
  • Development of procedures for structural and technological equipment monitoring
  • Strength and stability calculation
  • Calculation of residual life based on the corrosion damage.

Our motto is: Quality, Safety, Professionalism.


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