NDT Training Academy

NDT Training Academy 

The Training Center of UE «BELGAZPROMDIAGNOSTIKA» carries out its activities in the sphere of pre-examination education (training) with purpose of certification on II and III levels of competence under the EN 473 and ISO 9712:2005 standards. The center provides training in the following methods of non-destructive testing:

  • Visual testing (VT)
  • Magnetic Particle testing (MT)
  • Eddie Current testing (ET)
  • Ultrasonic testing (UT)
  • Leakage testing (LT) vacuum box bubble method
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UT-T)
  • Ultrasonic testing Phased Arrays(UT-PA)

Preparation for passing qualification exams for the NDT Level III certification.

Organizing and conducting laboratory and practical courses in specific niche areas of research, measurement, testing and non-destructive testing.

Implementation of educational programs in the field of non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics and related processes.

Organization of specialty seminars on metrology, information and organizational support activities in the field of measuring, testing, nondestructive testing and technical diagnostics.

Development of procedures of measurements (PM) (on the bases of Customer's application), technological instructions on the various methods of control, documents of Management Systems of Laboratories.

Providing consultancy services on various issues in the field of non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics, organization and functioning of NDT laboratories, the use of advanced technologies of testing and the latest equipment.

Since April 2009, the NDT Training Academy under the Agreement with the Personnel Certification Authority has been recognized as center for training of personnel certification in the field of non-destructive testing in the Republic of Belarus on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Levels of competence on EN 473. Since January 2010, after passing an audit of the Certification Authority of the European Union, the Engineering Training Center has received Certificate of recognition as a Training Center of the Certification Authority for personnel certification in the field of welding and non-destructive testing - Industrial Welding Institute of  Slovak Republic, Bratislava. By this Certificate the Certification Authority confirms compliance with ISO / TR 25107, ISO / TR 25108 organizational and technical possibilities of the Engineering Training Centre for implementation of specialists training at the 2nd and 3rd Levels of competence in accordance with ISO 9712: 2005.

Training can be conducted on the premises of UE "Belgazpromdiagnostika", as well as on the premises of enterprises that possess required conditions for training.

Education shall be based on the profile of the company which directs a specialist, as well as  on the specifics of its work. Studies are conducted by experienced teachers and experts in the field of non-destructive testing, having qualification of the second and the third Levels of competence in accordance with the requirements of EN 473 or ISO 9712: 2005.

In 2015 we became an approved center for training and certification of engineers in advanced methods of NDT for OAO “GAZPROM”.

Engineering Training Center is equipped with necessary testing and measuring equipment, technical training devices, visual materials, reference and training samples, relevant normative and technical documentation, as well as reference documentation and educational material.

Орган по сертификации профессиональной компетентности Учреждения образования «Белорусский государственный институт повышения квалификации и переподготовки кадров по стандартизации, метрологии и управлению качеством»

Беларусь, г. Минск, ул. Мележа, 3-313, 220113
+ 375 17 237-14-86



TWI (Азербайджанский филиал)  

Азербайджан, Баку, пересечение ул. С. Вургуна и С. Рагимова, 3, AZ1014 



Научно-исследовательский институт сварки - Промышленный институт SR

Словацкая Республика, г. Братислава, Racianska 71, 832 59
+ 421 2 492 46 111



АS «Inspecta Latvia»

Латвия, г. Рига, ул. Сканстес 54 А, LV – 1013
+ 371 6 76 07 900



Inspecta, Uab Lithuania

Литва, г.Вильнюс, ул.Менулио, д.7, LT-04326
+ 370 5 203 13 95



OÜ «Inspecta Estonia»

Estonia, Tallinn, Teaduspargi 8, 12618
+ 372 659 94 70


Mācību centrs plus

Mācību centrs plus

Латвия, Даугавпилс, ул. 18. Новембра 37A, LV-5401
+ 371 6 542 83 84




Тарасевич Екатерина

Ekaterina Tarasevich

Head of NDT Training Academy 

tel/fax: +375 17 316-02-04
mobile: +375 29 577-12-78 

Левчук Владимир

Vladimir Levchuk
Deputy director

tel: +375 17 316-02-05
mobile: +375 29 707-95-11